When I see a parking spot reserved with someone who is handicapped or dealing with some sort of challenge, I never really even pay much attention to it. Because I am fortunate enough to not have those struggles. I do remember when I was helping to care for my grandmother in high school and using those spaces when helping to take her to kidney dialysis but that was years ago, and it showed me how important those spots can be. But what about those people that want to use those handicapped spots because they’re being lazy? Well, it can cost them big time. 


We’ve all seen it before, someone parked in a handicapped spot for just a quick visit to a store. It’s such a selfish thing to do. Just imagine making your own grandparents wait because you didn’t want to be inconvenienced into walking a few more steps. There really is no excuse for this behavior which is why I love that that state of Texas takes it so seriously. 

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What are the Fines for Using a Handicapped Space Without the Placard? 

Your 1st offense can (and most likely will) cost you $500. If it happens a 2nd time the fine could double to $1,000 and could also include having your vehicle towed from the parking lot. The fines and penalties can continue to increase if you continue to break the law. Instead, just be a good person and don’t park in the handicapped spots unless you truly need to. 

Make Sure Your Placard is Visible 

If law enforcement can’t see your handicapped placard, you could have a citation issued, so make sure everyone can see it.  

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