One Texas family is devastated after not losing one family member but losing two in a very short period of time. It’s the kind of tragedy you would never wish upon anyone as a hiker from Texas lost his life while on a journey to spread his father’s ashes. 

At the beginning of the month the National Park Service in Utah began searching for 66-year-old James Hendricks who was supposed to be hiking inside Arches National Park. The day after the park service began looking for James better known as Jimmy had his vehicle found at the Sand Dune Arch Trail parking lot. The search was launched immediately but it didn’t take long to figure out they were too late.  

Jimmy Was Found Dead by Park Officials 

The trail in which his vehicle was located is known as an easy hike as it’s only a half a mile round trip, but you can continue on to another trail that goes for about 2.3 miles. Officials believe that Jimmy died due to a combination of heat, high altitude, and dehydration. His water bottle was found to be empty. 

Jimmy Was Completing His “Last Journey With His Father” 

Jimmy began his journey in Austin stopping along the way to document his trip before making it to the Arches National Park to spread his father’s ashes. His final destination for the trip was Reno, Nevada as that is where Jimmy’s father spent much of his life according to My San Antonio.  

It’s a sad end to Jimmy’s story and friends all over the world will miss his sweet personality. We are wishing nothing but the best for Jimmy’s family as they grieve this unexpected loss. 

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