In the colder winter months of Texas, you will need to bundle up or find a nice warm hot springs and jump in for the perfect way to relax. But Texas is a gigantic state so where are the best places to hit the hot springs around the great state of Texas, or at least somewhere close by. Because Texas is so huge, I had to ask ChatGPT for help putting together the list of best hot springs around Texas so let’s start looking at what artificial intelligence created for us. 

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What shocked me the most about the list that was created as far as the best hot springs around Texas is that one location was listed that is outside of Texas but not what I expected to see. I’ve heard lot of people talk about how beautiful it is in Hot Springs, Arkansas and that is less than 4 ½ hours from Dallas, Texas but that locations was not mentioned by ChatGPT. 

Never Been to a Hot Springs? You Need to Go! 

Seriously, if you haven’t been to a hot spring before you need to experience how relaxing the trip can be. There is something so amazing about being in nature, especially when it’s a little cold outside, when you’re experiencing the warmth of the hot spring. 

Let’s Look at the Best Hot Springs Around Texas 

We asked our buddy ChatGPT to create the list of best hot springs in Texas and this is the list of locations that it created for us. Now it’s time to see how soon you can visit each of these locations.  

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