Let me start by saying that I appreciate what law enforcement officers in Texas do for us each day. We all have seen those videos online where someone wants to be difficult and will refuse to roll down their window when they are pulled over by police officers. Which made me wonder, in Texas are you required to roll down your window to communicate with law enforcement? 

Before we jump into what the law says, there are a few things you need to realize. First of which is that police officers don’t wake up wanting to write you a ticket. They are there to enforce the laws, so please try not to make their life more difficult. Also, having done a ride-along with a police agency, it’s just as alarming for officers to pull you over as it is for you. They have no idea what or who is in your vehicle, it’s always best to just comply with their orders so you can get on with your day as fast as possible. 

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What Does Texas Law Say About Rolling Down Your Window? 

According to the Thiessen Law Firm website, you have to legally roll down your window enough for communication with the officer. Otherwise, the officer would view you as a threat to safety and escalate the situation.  

Don’t Overact In the Situation 

Remember if you have nothing to hide there really is no reason to not comply with orders and roll down your window. If you feel like you’re being discriminated against, take it up with the Police Department don’t react during the traffic stop and make things worse. 

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