When it comes to those who choose to break the law, we are definitely one of the toughest states on crime here in Texas.

That being said, many of us, at least on a personal level, believe in second, third, and maybe even fourth chances for those who seem to show remorse for the crimes they commit. But at what point do we have to draw the line and simply say: "NO MORE."

I've not personally run across many cases like this one coming out of Harris County. It's not often that we hear of an individual receiving EIGHT charges of DWI in their entire lifetimes. And most of us definitely haven't heard many scenarios where an individual has received eight charges of DWI within only a twelve-year time span.

This young man has been charged with his 8th DWI in 12 years. Do you think he should be allowed to drive at all?

ABC 13 reports that "Gustavo Marroquin was taken into custody by La Porte police on Tuesday after officials said they found him to be intoxicated during a traffic stop for speeding."

And this isn't the first time. Or the second. Or the FIFTH.

And now, the Harris County District Attorney's Office is doing all they can to keep Marroquin behind bars now that he's received his 8th DWI. Now at only 32 years of age, Marroquin has already been to prison three times for his DWI's and his sentences have ranged from two years to TEN.

Assistant DA Sean Teare told abc13 that "Marroquin's other seven DWI charges have stemmed from speeding, going the wrong way down a one-way street, and driving through neighborhood yards."

At what point do we decide this man no longer deserves the privilege of driving when he seems unmoved by the safety of others? What say you, East Texas?

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