It's a debate that has been raging on for at least three to five years, that I'm aware of... From Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA, which makes a better burger: Whataburger or In-N-Out? Well, we've now got a definitive answer and yes, friends, it's science.

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Using eye-catching graphs and cold-hard facts, Texas Humor's J.B. Sauceda went to great lengths to find the answer for all of us, and great news Whataburger lovers, it is in fact Whataburger.

Sauceda's findings were based mostly on the number of locations and the amount of money that each brings in annually. According to his research from StatsPanda, each Whataburger location makes roughly $3.7 million and each In-N-Out makes $2.9 million per location, a little less than one million per store. Haters will say "Texans overpay for lesser burgers," but their dummy opinions can't refute science.

"[This] basically just tells you that when people go to Whataburger they buy more stuff, it's just better," Sauceda correctly pointed out.

He also found more damning evidence, there are nearly three times as many Whataburger's (900 locations) in the U.S., compared to In-N-Outs (350). Thanks to this information he deduced that if more people wanted it they'd have to build more restaurants, therefore it's apparent that not as many people want it.

Sauceda is correct when he states that we vote with our money and our feet, and at this point no one can deny that there are more of both going to the clear winner, every single day, it's Whataburger.

You can go over his scientific findings in full, for yourself, here: 

I'll be honest, In-N-Out's not bad, it's fine... It's just definitely not Whataburger.

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