As we continue to watch the events unfolding regarding the Russia-Ukraine situation, our hearts go out to one Texas mother who is asking for prayers for her son who is, at this moment, sitting in a Russian prison.

Former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed of Granbury, Texas has been in a Russian prison for almost a thousand days.

Yesterday, KHOU11 shared the concerns of Joey and Paula Reed over the wellbeing of their 30-year-old son, particularly in light of the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. She said:

“I just want everyone to imagine if this was their son. If anybody prays out there, we’d appreciate all the prayers for Trevor.”

So, what was it Trevor Reed allegedly did that landed him behind bars in a Russian prison?

After leaving the military, Trevor Reed had enrolled at the University of North Texas. Reed has apparently been visiting a girlfriend in Russia when, on the night of August 16, 2019, he was accused of assaulting a Russian police officer after he had spent an evening at a bar, according to KHOU11.

The U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, says the accusation was "ridiculous." Ridiculous or not, Reed is serving a NINE-YEAR sentence at this very moment.

Back during a Geneva, Switzerland summit, President Biden claimed to have spoken on this matter to Vladimir Putin himself about Reed, and another imprisoned American, Paul Whelan. Though no confirmation was given regarding their release, Biden did say"

"I am not going to walk away on that issue."

Now that we're dealing with a potential conflict between Russia and Ukraine, one can speculate that its only added more grief to Trevor Reed's understandably worried parents.

Paula Reed told KHOU11 regarding the Russia-Ukraine tensions:

“I’m not going to sugar coat it, there’s a lot of sleepless nights. The last week has been really bad for everybody.

I feel as soon as the war breaks out, our relationship with


Russia will be fractured and there will be no more talks about letting Trevor and Paul out. He might just end up spending his entire sentence there.”

Let's hope and pray that isn't the case. Sending love to the Reed family during what must truly be a terrifying time.

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