While Texas has a lot to offer in the way of restaurants and Southern Hospitality there are some annoying and aggravating things that we cannot avoid. We know that Texas has many animals seen all over the state. Yes, there is a chance of seeing a Mountain Lion in West Texas, there are snakes and spiders. In the water there is a chance of seeing an alligator or even a bull shark. But none of those are the earth’s deadliest animal which we need to start preparing for now.  

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If you would have asked me, what earth’s deadliest animal is I would have never answered correctly. Like most people I would expect something large that would make us run fast away from it so it wouldn’t eat us or something ridiculous like that. But instead, we are talking about one of the smaller animals on the planet but obviously they can do some serious damage including take someone’s life.  

The Deadliest Animal on the Planet is... 

It’s shocking to hear the numbers but with over 725,000 human deaths per year, the deadliest animal on the planet is the mosquito. The annoying little creature can spread diseases like malaria and the West Nile virus which is a big reason why they kill so many humans per year. 


When Will We See Mosquitos Again in Texas? 

Mosquitos love to be in temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees. Which means we can expect to see them back soon, mostly between March to the end of October. So, now is the time to make sure you don’t have any standing water on your property which will attract mosquitos in the coming weeks and months.  

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