There are so many things to love about the great state of Texas. But unfortunately, there are also some things that come with living in the lone star state. Most of which you can look past but they are still annoyances that you would prefer to not have to deal with such as insects and rodents. They are a part of life, no one wants to see roaches crawling around, but they thrive here in Texas according to a new results released by Excel Pest Services. 

When it comes to roaches specifically, Tennessee is the only state that has a better atmosphere for cockroaches. And I have to admit I’ve killed more than my fair share of roaches at work even though we have a pest control company that sprays inside and outside of our building on a monthly basis. 

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But it is Not Just Roaches 

Beyond roaches, rodents are also common in Texas. I will say that if you buy a new home in Texas expect to see even more rodents. After you clear out some land, those animals that had been living there are still looking for a place to go, and they will often end up in your garage or outdoor shed. Just be aware that they are going to be looking for a new home.  

Don’t Forget About Mosquitoes 

As if roaches and rats aren’t enough fun for you. Mosquitoes seem to do the best in California and in Texas as the environment is extremely friendly to them. Having access to water and warm temperatures is exactly what they want. So, do your best to not have standing water around your house.  

For most Texans, the thought of roaches, rodents, or mosquitoes don’t bother them very much. But remember if these issues become too much for you to handle you can always call a pest control company to help you at least reduce the number of insects and rodents you see on your property.  

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