A Texas server and bartender has taken to social media to share what she says is the biggest reason diners should always tip their servers.

Aaliyah Cortez posted the video to the popular Tik Tok app. In the video, she mentions that people should tip "anyone that waits on you, or provides a service to you" because she worked nearly 70 hours to receive a check that was under $10 after her deductions.

Cortez did mention that she received tips during that pay period, and that this check was only reflective of her hourly earnings.

She ended the video with "this is why you tip".

Cortez isn't alone. In the comments, several users understood her concerns.

"This is why the U.S. should be like EVERY other developed nation and not have a tip culture. Businesses should pay your wages. Tips shouldn't be a thing" - user BrettBiaggio

"If you've never been a server, you literally don't get to speak on this, I'm sorry" - user Zamorafdev

"I can tell the people who are saying 'not my responsibility' are the absolute worst people to go out and eat/drink with." - user Somesarah

"I would like to see the system change who pays our wages," Cortez told The Daily Mail. "Obviously, it should be our employers, but until that can happen we still have to rely on the generosity of our customers."

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