They have to be one of the only things that I don’t love about Texas is all the snakes that you could encounter while you're here. It’s commonly known that snakes are in most places but because of the climate in Texas there are more snakes than other places and you have to understand it’s only a matter of time before you come across a snake in Texas. 

My fear for snakes has gone down lately, it might sound crazy, but I have seen more snakes lately, and all of them want to get away from me as fast as I want to get away from them. As long as we can keep this relationship going, I think everything will be fine moving forward. But we all need to realize and understand that it’s almost that time where we should start expecting to see more snakes in Texas. 

There is No Set Snake Schedule in Texas 

Recently I was researching when we can expect to see more snakes in Texas as I know the weather has been getting warmer, so I know it’s not going to be long. But I quickly found out there is no set schedule on when to expect to see more snakes but there is a general idea. 

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Typical Guidelines for Seeing Snakes in Texas 

Most people want to avoid seeing or contacting any snake in Texas. So, let’s look at some general guidelines when it comes to snakes being seen and becoming more active in Texas. 

General Guidelines on Seeing Snakes in Texas

Here is what you can expect as far as seeing snakes in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

6 Deadly Snakes Found in Texas

If you're spending time outdoors in Texas you will want to avoid these six deadly snakes if at all possible.

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9 Places in Texas You Can Expect to Find Snakes

I'm not a big fan of snakes. If you're like me, be careful when you're in these specific areas.

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