Most of us realize that Texas is a gigantic state, we’re talking about 268,596 square miles of god’s country. The state is larger than any nation in Europe and while there are some big cities that everyone knows like Dallas, Houston, or Austin, there are tons of small towns too and many of those small Texas towns have not so flattering nicknames. 

When we were all kids, we would joke around and make fun of towns around us, but many of those silly nicknames stick and people continue to use that name for many years to come. Some of them depend on how offensive they are to see if they stick around or not. But there are some unusual nicknames to say the least, as you will see with the 21 nicknames listed below that are used to identify Texas towns.  

Funny Texas Town Nicknames 

I’ll admit that I was laughing loud at some of these town nicknames, and some of these towns I’ve never visited. So, I am not sure if some of these nicknames fit the town or if it’s just a silly play on words. But either way, the list of nicknames below will get you to giggle.  

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Let’s Look at the Silly Texas Town Names 

Here is a look at the 21 Texas towns that have naughty sounding nicknames. Please don’t show these to kids who will then repeat them, I don’t want to get emails from parents about this. Fair warning, this is for semi-mature audiences only.  

21 Texas Towns With Extra Naughty Nicknames

Texans simply do not hold back when it comes to nicknames, so here's a warning now if you have delicate sensibilities. Some of these names are pretty brutal, perhaps undeserving. Others, well...they walked right into it.

18 Unusual Town Names Across the State of Texas

People in Texas have a lot of pride even in the small towns with usual names.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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