I’m not sure if I will ever hold the occupation of truck driver, but I do appreciate the work that truck drivers do all over the country. We wouldn’t have any of the goods that we have without the truckers willing to work long hours and drive thousands of miles for us to get these items. It’s a profession that doesn’t get enough kudos but they sure deserve it. When I saw MSN put together a list of the best truck stop restaurants I was curious if any are found here in the state of Texas and there is more than one that made the list.  

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While most of us enjoy a good truck stop restaurant we all know that most of the time you’re not stopping to get a healthy meal. It’s more of a hearty meal for these heard working men and women who have to jump back in the truck and drive for hours and hours to get their load delivered. While it might not be the healthiest meal you can find some really delicious comfort food at a good truck stop restaurant.  

Two Truck Stop Restaurants Recognized in Texas 

When you see the list of best truck stop restaurants listed below you’re probably going to be familiar with at least one of the two that are located in the state of Texas. Spoiler alert, Buc-ee's did not make this list as they don’t allow big rigs to stop at their locations. 

Let’s Look at the Best Truck Stop Restaurants in America 

Here is a look at the 10 best truck stop restaurants including two of the very best being here in the great state of Texas. 

10 Best Truck Stop Restaurants, 2 Located in Texas

Here is a look at 10 of the very best truck stop restaurants in America including two found in the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

The 'World's Largest Truck Stop'

Recently, my wife and I took a road trip from Sioux Falls to Saginaw, Michigan.

Why would we drive 15 hours to Saginaw? My wife has family there, plus we were going to see a concert in Detroit, but the show was canceled.

Since we already had the time off from work so we decided to spend a few days in that 'tourist destination' known as Saginaw. Sure, it's not Vegas or Florida, but it was nice to get out of town for a few days.

We drove down Interstate 29 to the Omaha area and picked up Interstate 80 then headed east across Iowa. Just to the west of the Quad Cities sits Iowa 80, the self-proclaimed 'World's Largest Truck Stop'.

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