We are so fortunate here in Texas, and specifically East Texas, to have so many delicious restaurants to choose from. While there might be quite a few of them that aren’t exactly healthy for us, that doesn’t matter because the food they serve tastes so good. Which is why I wanted to look online for what locals in Tyler, Texas believe to be the best fried chicken in our area.  

The difficult part about discussing fried chicken is that everyone is looking for something a little different. Not all fried chicken is the same, personally I like spicy fried chicken, but I know plenty of people who don’t like to have too much spice as they think it takes away from the flavor of the chicken. And it’s okay to have a different opinion about the best fried chicken although I know that my opinion is correct. :) 

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So Many Options for Fantastic Fried Chicken in Tyler, Texas 

Don't be shocked if you find some amazing fried chicken where you least expect it like a gas station or fast-food restaurant. When I was working on this list it was good to see so many smaller restaurants getting some recognition for making some good-tasting chicken. To give all restaurants a fair shot, I would recommend visiting each of the locations listed below.   

Don’t Shy Away from Gas Station Fried Chicken  

I’ve been told by two men who have lived in East Texas for at least 20 years that the best fried chicken is from one specific gas station. If you normally don’t buy fried chicken at a gas station, get out of your comfort zone and try some. You’re not going to regret it.  

Here’s the list of places to go when looking for the best fried chicken around Tyler, Texas: 

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