With all the great restaurant options in Tyler, Texas, I think it's safe to say we love to eat in this city. One of my favorite meals is breakfast -- maybe only topped by the occasional brunch, where I will STILL only get breakfast food, even though lunch food is also an option.

I find myself always going back and searching for the best places for breakfast... or brunch... in Tyler, so I decided to look at Yelp and see what the reviews there had to say.

Where is the best place in Tyler for breakfast?

According to Yelp, Great Harvest Bread takes the trophy for the best place to grab breakfast. And keep in mind, I'm not counting donut shops here because that's more of a grab-and-go -- we're talking sit down, eat breakfast, and chat with friends kind of places.

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I haven't personally tried Great Harvest Bread, but after looking through the reviews I know I'll be stopping by soon. Even outside of Yelp, I've only ever heard positive things.

There are many other great-sounding options on this list. If you're as interested in finding the best place for breakfast in Tyler as I am, check out more tasty options from the Yelp list here:

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Do you know of any other really great spots for breakfast? Email and let me know at maleri.mcham@townsquaremedia.com

I was quite surprised by this list

There were a lot of Tyler restaurants on this Yelp list that honestly surprised me. I didn't even know many of these businesses had breakfast foods on the menu. But now that I do know, I'll have to open up the notes app on my phone and add them to my ever-growing list of places to try.

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