This TikTok video going to leave a lot of folks scratching their head. Have you seen the viral video of a car wedged between two other vehicles on a two-lane road in Houston, TX?

I'm only assuming it's Houston cause I've driven there and this has Texas' largest city written all over it. I mean, this move is illegal no matter what you're driving but you might be able to pull it off on a motorcycle... did this dude think he was driving a motorcycle?

The details are vague, but we've all seen that look before. This lady wisely hopped right out of her car and took a picture of the idiot who tried to squeeze his (or her) sedan between two stopped cars. Dude's gotta better chance fittin' in the eye of a needle with that car.

It's true, Matthew 19:24 reads that "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God," but this dummy has a slightly better chance than smokin' Joe Camel and his rich self entering the pearly gates, than fitting between that SUV and truck.

Shoutout to Chubbysclub on TikTok for providing us with our afternoon entertainment. And, I'll be honest, my blood pressure's rising just watching this. Now these folks have to deal with their shady insurance companies cause of this jackass? No, thank you.

For now, I'm assuming it's Houston, but if anyone knows better please hit me up, I'll update the story. I'm not trying to slander H-Town over here.


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