Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have in life - and for Texans, that includes the great game of football.

The schedule for football games this weekend is stacked, and I'm talking NFL and NCAA. There is a lot riding on the games this weekend, and devout fans will surely be wearing their colors proudly.

With so many games coming up, I'm interested to know which is the most anticipated game of the weekend. I know mine is the Saturday match-up between Auburn and the University of Alabama...but I may be a little partial as an Auburn student (War Eagle!).

So here's the deal - these are some of the biggest games this weekend, and I want to know which game you're most excited for. Check out the match-ups and vote at the end!


  • Oakland Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys
  • Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles
  • Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs
  • New York Giants @ Washington Redskins
  • New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks
  • Texas Tech Raiders @ Texas Longhorns
  • Ohio State Buckeyes @ Michigan Wolverines
  • Alabama Crimson Tide @ Auburn Tigers
  • Baylor Bears @ Texas Christian University Horned Frogs
  • Texas A&M Aggies @ Missouri Tigers
  • Clemson Tigers @ South Carolina Gamecocks