Wisconsin v Baylor
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The stage is set for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, and Texans have reasons to be hyped.

The Final Four features a battle of two Texas teams. with the Baylor University Bears going up against The University of Houston's Cougars!

The winner of that game will play the winner of UCLA and Gonzaga for the NCAA championship.

Every year my bracket is busted after the second day!

I selected Illinois and Gonzaga to be in the title game, but Illinois lost about two weeks ago to Loyola Chicago.

Honestly, after that I lost interest in the tournament.

All my teams lost, so why continue to watch, right?

I have an idea for people like me who lose interest after their team loses: Why don’t they change up the phases of brackets to keep the interest in the tournament?

For example, everybody does their 68 team bracket, and then after that you can't change anything.

How about present another phase of betting for the sweet 16 for the remaining teams and then another bracket for the Elite Eight?

Doesn’t that make more sense, as opposed to killing fans interest every year like mine?

I'm saying... just an idea!

My teams may be out, but I’m still going to root for one of the Texas teams to pull an upset for the national championship.

How about Houston (or Baylor) upsetting Gonzaga?

Yup... let’s roll with that!

Good Luck to all of the remaining teams, and let's hope we see a Texas team come out on top.

4-1 PW 02

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