Telemarketers. They are just doing their job. But, their job is all about scamming people out of money or info. Or, they are just trying to sell you something you really won't ever need. They are so very annoying. How do you get rid of them? 

Short answer.

It doesn't seem as though you can get rid of those annoying calls at all hours of the day. Believe me, I have tried everything I can think of.

This all started when I had to get a new phone number. As if dealing with the loss of the cell hone number I had had for the better part of a decade wasn't bad enough, now I have been dealing with ENDLESS calls from all kinds of 1-800 numbers.

It doesn't matter the time of day, what they want, or what I say to them, it just keeps happening. I got calls from bill collectors looking for five different people. When I explained to them that I was not Sally, Ray, Susan, Michael, nor Mary they did not seem to care much. They were then under the strict impression that I might possibly owe them money, even though I wasn't at all who they were originally looking for.


They came the, "Ma'am, did you know that the warranty for your car is about to end. We have great options for you to extend that warranty for a low monthly payment?" I would reply, "Oh, really? What car is out of warranty?" In their most confused voice they would reply, "Well, what cars do you own?" Do they not realize this makes me want to find these people and shake them until all the stupid falls out.

Next up were the people claiming I had entered a contest and should collect my prize. Wow, I didn't realize I had blacked out and entered that many contests. The amount of calls I am getting about cruises, cars, and cash is astounding. If all of these were real contests and not time shares or scams, I wouldn't be here know writing this story for you kind folks. I would drive my new Ferrari on to my personal jet to head to the my mansion on that island I own after I took that one all inclusive cruise past it that one time on the way to Jamaica.

Really people? Does anyone fall for this stuff anymore?

My first attempt to end this harassment (YES, it is harassment!) was to deal with them by explaining calmly and with reasonable attitude that they had the wrong person or that I was simply not interested. this FAILED.

They would spout an endless round of questions at me. "Who are you?" "Do you know this person we are trying to reach?" "You sound like Cindy." "What is your interest rate?" "Do you want to improve your credit score?" "Would you like a chance to win?"

LEAVE ME ALONE! But, these were far from the worst. The absolute most annoying replies to my begging for peace and quiet through moral mindful and kind means were the folks that would just hang up on me.

No. No. No. You are not allowed to be rude to me when you are the one blindfully with a cold heart bothering me. No.

I would try to call back most of these people, as my temper was not ignited had a bone to pick with a lot of people at the other end of a cold call. But, the number would, in most cases, not work the other way. How can you claim that you are not a scam or doing something you believe to be fine and dandy with the general population when you don;t accept anyone to call you back? Explain that to me. Please, give me your best reasoning behind the code you live by. You can call me five times a day every day, even at 1 a.m., and I cannot call you when I please?

Ridiculous. So, I decided to call in reinforcements. I called my wireless provider. I explained my situation and frustrations, after being on hold for more than 30 minutes (guess they don;t like getting calls much either). Low and behold, they only could try and sell me something to fix it. Again, someone trying to sell me something I don;t really need to send money on? Sure, I did have the option to change my number again. But, I had just seen what happens when you change your number.

I had never been bothered before on my old number except for one pesky car warranty place that I finally told off enough times that they never phoned me again. How could my wireless provider do this to me? They threw me in the desert alone and only offered to sell me a bottle of water if I could handle almost 50 dollars more a month.

Fine then. Forget you.

What to do next? Well, I tried that thing called the Do Not Call List. I am sure you have heard of it too. It is suppose to be the cure-all for annoying 1-800 numbers and anything else you are subscribed to.

You log into the Do Not Call List, add your number and email address, and then they are suppose to put you on a government list that protects you from the un-wanted calls. This list is suppose to protect you because the government will fine and punish those that call numbers listed.


I have received even more calls being on the list than I did before. It clicked in my head that these fake businesses must be pulling my name from that list now. What a ripe off. So, what did I do?

Now, I register my number to that list once a month. Yup, I can be annoying too. I even signed up for one made just for the residents of Texas. But, where are all the Texas cowboys riding into town on horseback to help this cell-phone damsel in distress? They must all be on vacation. The Texas Do Not Call List does not help at all.

Just last night, I received two very inappropriate calls. Why were they so bad? Because the first came in at 10 p.m. and the second just thirty minutes later. That is far too late to call someone. That is no time to be doing business. That is just the most infuriating time to call someone. Calling me that late and returning the call so soon after makes me want to hunt these people down and wash their mouths with soup until the tears are all gone.

I know this sounds harsh, but how else should I feel. This has gone on too long.

I wish I could just do what Seinfield did. Remember this scene?

I know that many of you reading this have dealt with the same situation. What did you do? Is there a way out of this? Is there hope for these bleeding ears and clenched fists?

Someone, please help me.

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