If you are into sports wagering and are in a place where you can do so legally, you might have put down an NFL futures bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC West. One online sportsbook, Betonline.ag, has cashed those Chiefs AFC West championship tickets today, on October 6th, with 12 games left in the regular season.

With the Chiefs 4-0 and the rest of the division at 2-2 or 1-3. The Las Vegas Raiders, the 2-2 team, are already too far behind the Chiefs according to BetOnline to possibly come back and win this division.

BetOnline cited the, "way the AFC West is unfolding" as the reason for cashing the tickets so early.

The sportsbook also said the only way the Chiefs would lose the division is if Patrick Mahomes suffers a season-ending injury or if head coach Andy Reid eats too many hamburgers. If the Chiefs end up losing the division, the premature payout will cost the sportsbook in the low 6-figure range.

First of all, Andy Reid eats cheeseburgers like a real American. Second of all, Are the BetOnline guys just huge Raiders fans? Are they based in Denver? Do they have a lot of money on the Los Angeles Chargers? Why in the world, after four games, would they put in the ultimate bulletin board material out into the universe.

The Chiefs were already getting everyone's best shot as the defending world champion, now they are being crowned AFC West Champions after four weeks? I hate it. It's the ultimate jinx job.

The Chiefs are now the guy who's made 91 straight free throws while setting up for a free throw and BetOnline is the idiot broadcasters talking about how they'll never miss another free throw.

How many times have you heard a broadcaster talking about how a guy hasn't missed a kick in three months, right before he misses a kick. Thousands of times. That's what BetOnline just did.

If you can find a Chiefs vs the Field bet around the sports wagering world today it might be worth it to put a couple of bucks into it. For entertainment purposes only.

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