The NFL season is in full swing. While East Texas Dallas Cowboys fans are struggling to figure why their team is the way they are, Kansas City Chiefs fans, lead by Whitehouse Wildcat Patrick Mahomes, are enjoying a great start to the season. That hasn't stopped Patrick's wife, Brittany, from making in game tweets criticizing the on field play, however, which has cause some fan backlash.

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Brittany's History with Social Media

Its not secret of some questionable things Brittany Mahomes has done on social media. Those questionable things have been called out by many people on those social media platforms. During the Kansas City Chiefs game against division rival Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night (September 15), which Kansas City won, Brittany didn't like a particular play in which her husband got hit on the field.

The Play She Didn't Like

The play in question involved Chargers defensive lineman Joey Bosa getting called for roughing the quarterback when he hit Patrick Mahomes below the knees. Some thought the penalty was unwarranted because Bosa was pushed into Mahomes by one of his offensive lineman, which seemed to be the case in replay. Others believe it was a true penalty.

Brittany's In Game Tweet

No matter because Brittany didn't like the hit and made it known on Twitter:


This opened the floodgates of fan backlash:

Some Did Come to Brittany's Defense:


I, Personally, Didn't Have an Issue with It

Brittany Mahomes is certainly within her right to defend her husband and critique the play on the field. I mean, how many times do we as fans do it while watching the game in our living room? She was defending her man and the keyboard warriors wanted to attack with their digital finger presses.

Barstool Sports wrote that she was whining, and maybe so, but I saw this particular tweet as just a normal fan criticizing the on field calls just like we would do any game day. Calm down and Go Cowboys and Go Chiefs!

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