I don't need to go into it, again, how disgusted I am with the political bickering in this country. It's stupid and useless and an embarrassment and January 6, 2021 proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. At least we had some great memes to provide a little bit of levity during yesterday's chaos.

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I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about my feelings toward politics. I believe that the people in Washington, D.C., BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS, do not work for us, just our vote. He had a big question for me, "Where do we go from here?" Frankly, I do not know.

I am no political expert, unlike 95 percent of the people on social media, I'm just calling it like I'm seeing it. Representatives, BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS, do nothing than get behind a podium or in front of a camera and blame and complain and point fingers at the other side rather than get any positive work done for the American people.

Can someone please stand in front of our leaders in Washington, D.C. and let them know the damage and division they had done and caused in our great country. I am so tired of being yelled at every day from BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS that I am wrong because I don't believe a certain way.

One day, we're going to realize that NEITHER REPUBLICANS NOR DEMOCRATS are 100 percent wrong or 100 percent wrong. One day, we're going to realize that we need to swallow our pride and give up certain things and come to a compromise. That is what makes a democracy great. Washington, D.C. has lost that outlook and yesterday, along with the events of 2020, is proof of that lost sight.

Again, I will never say I am some kind of political expert, because I am not. I am just a fellow American who is tired of a wasteful and inept government who has been allowed to think that we work for them when it's actually the other way around. Thank you for taking six minutes and reading.

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