I watched absolutely zero of yesterday's inauguration. I've already gone into why, you can read that here is you want. But I kept seeing some memes popping up on social media that kinda made me wish I had watched some of it. Photographers caught former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a perfect "can this be over with, please" moment and the internet loved it.

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This is truly what the internet was made for, memes. Bernie Sanders was caught on camera sitting in his folding chair, legs crossed, arms crossed, with a look on his face like he just didn't want to be there. From there, the meme warriors turned the moment into gold.

Before we get to those, there is story behind the mittens he was wearing. A Vermont teacher made those for him. Jen Ellis is the teacher's name. She made those mittens from repurposed sweater wool that are lined with fleece made out of recycled plastic bottles. Apparently, she makes them for other teachers and sent a pair to Sanders, who is the Senate's representative for Vermont. You can read more about those mittens at kvue.com.

Now to the memes and, holy cow, each one is as good as the next. A couple of my favorites are Bernie sitting next to Forrest Gump and his agenda for the day, "10:30 - drop off dry cleaning 11:00 - Joe's thing 2:00 - swing by the post office." Enjoy the meme time my friends, it will make your day.

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