Who hasn't thought of appearing on The Price is Right once in their life? Literally thousands of contestants have fought for big money & big prizes on the show hosted by hosts like Drew Carey & the late Bob Barker. However one of the best contestants the show has ever seen was a San Antonio man named Ted Slauson; aka...The Perfect Bidder.

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Who is Ted Slauson?

Born in Massachusetts, Ted Slauson would move a lot as a kid; he would move to Wisconsin, Kansas City Missouri & then to California. He currently lives in San Antonio where he works as an Assessment Specialist for the Educational Testing Service, according to LinkedIn.

Those who watched The Price is Right back in the day will remember Ted for his many appearances as both an audience member & eventually a contestant. But they also remember him for his amazing mathematical & memorization skills. After many attempts to get on the show, he finally did in 1992 and to no one's surprise...he did VERY well. He made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown; sadly he didn't win.

But that didn't matter; what matters is that his many appearances on the show made him an icon in the world of game shows & amongst the Price is Right super fans. His story became the subject for the documentary, Perfect Bid: The Contestant who Knew Too Much. The movie is available to watch on Netflix (and on YouTube).

The only other contestant to do this well was Terry Kniess; who DID get a perfect bid in the Showcase Showdown.

It's extremely unlikely we will see a Price is Right contestant as amazing as Ted Slauson & we have him to thank for giving us...priceless memories in television.

If you want to more crazy game show moments, you can see game shows where El Paso contestants were featured.

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