If you spent your summers at your grandparents house in front the TV, you know there are 3 words that you heard daily that got everyone excited: "Come On Down!". Before you had to go outside and play because "The Young And The Restless" was coming on, you got to sit inside and enjoy "The Price Is Right" and watch folks win all sorts of cash and prizes!

We've all dreamed of going on the show and correctly guessing the right price of "Lipton Chicken Broth" to win a trip to Hawaii or some cash and if your dream is to be the "next contestant", then your chance is coming to a Texas city soon.

The Price Is Right Live tour is hitting the road once again and will be stopping in 4 Texas cities in the month of October according to their official website. The live show gives folks in attendance a chance to play the real games they see on TV for real prizes and you might even get a chance to spin the "Big Wheel".

The tour will be making stops in Laredo, San Antonio, Grand Prairie and Midland October 9th through October 13th so you might want to hurry and jump on tickets if you want to check it out and get a chance to win some stuff.


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