Summer does not officially begin until June 21. Ask anyone in East Texas and it's already begun.

Mid 90's already, humid, heat indexes already close to 100. The end of May has been brutal.

As you watched above from It's A Southern Thing, this is exactly what it's like on any afternoon getting into our cars.

That first 30 seconds of the AC blowing hot air, the steering wheel you need oven mitts for, the seat belt buckle that could burn an imprint into your hand. Yeah, it can miserable.

Too bad it couldn't end a car chase as easily, though.

I'm one of the crazy ones that loves the 100 degree weather. Especially if I'm at the pool or on the lake.

I may have to try again later this summer to bake cookies in my car. It worked a couple of years ago and they came out pretty good.

I'm sure I can find something else to cook in my car in the summer heat. Tune in to find out if I do.

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