Many women in a relationship would enjoy the occasional present of some sexy lingerie. All men in a relationship would enjoy the occasional present of sexy lingerie worn by their lady. How you come about getting said lingerie is also an important factor. Having said that, stealing the sexy undergarments would probably not be the biggest turn on.

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Texarkana, Texas police have identified two men who walked into Texarkana adult store, Cindie's, and stole $550 in lingerie by stuffing the garments in their pants. Other merchandise was taken as well. The men would wait until a worker was distracted with another customer and would take the unmentionables and other items, leaving behind the empty boxes.

So how exactly did these gentlemen get identified? Well, number one, they were caught on camera doing the thieving deed. Number two, one of the men USED HIS CINDIE'S REWARDS CARD to purchase a couple of small items thinking that would relieve suspicion. The thing about that is the man's personal information is stored on the card.

Using the information from the rewards card, Texarkana police were able to identify Joel Maris. From that identification, police were able to identify Maris' accomplice as James Duppstadt (that's a helluva last name. How do you even pronounce it?)

The cheap romantics have not been captured as of this writing. We don't have any word, either, on if their significant others enjoyed the surprise from the adult store. You never know, though, maybe this theft will be a double turn on for these two weird couples.

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