It is possibly one of the weirdest attractions I've ever seen in a Texas city.

If you're ever walking around by the town square in Sulphur Springs, TX, odds are you would notice a box made entirely of reflective mirrors. OK, that's a cool box. What does it do?

This box is no ordinary box. It's actually a public bathroom and the kicker is those occupying the restroom can see out of it - from ALL angles.

So let me set the scene for you. You're sitting there minding your own 'business' and then 5 people walk up to the restroom not knowing what it is and they're staring right at you. Don't worry, they can't see you but you can see them!

For the most part people get a rise out of the incredibly odd public restroom. In fact, Sulphur Springs has more business coming into the downtown area now that there's something strange and unique to use/admire.

Melanie Torre YouTube
Melanie Torre YouTube

Even moms love it because they can use the facilities and still keep an eye on their children.

On there's nothing but positive comments regarding the only functional all-glass bathroom in the world.

User mere711 wrote:

Clean, air conditioned, and entertaining. The bathrooms are located on the cute town square, which has shops, restaurants, water fountain, chess, checkers, and (since it was Saturday) a farmers market.

alissalopez said:

This bathroom is simply breathtaking. People watching at its finest! A hidden gem in the middle of a beautiful little town!

User Christak023 added:

Worth stopping! Cute little town, with a great coffee shop on the corner too! Definitely hard to actually go to the bathroom ;)

This hilarious and creative attraction is located at 100 Gilmer Street in Sulphur Springs.

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