This is yet another example of why people across East Texas need to be extra careful this holiday season. The photo you see of the ATM that was demolished was taken by Nat Harris Long it shows the Austin Bank ATM on Stone Road in Kilgore, TX. It's clear that thieves are getting desperate and are now trying willing to destroy ATM machines in order to get cash.

This should be very alarming to anyone in East Texas because these criminals destroying things in our community. While I'm not sure when this happened but I'm really glad I haven't heard of anyone being hurt while this crime took place. As mentioned by one of the comments online the tire tracks make it pretty clear that this wasn't an accident.

Not Sure if Money Was Taken From the Broken ATM

While I don't know how to steal money from an ATM I am certain this is not an easy task. And I wouldn't be shocked at all if these thieves were looking for a quick score and didn't end up getting any money at all. But they did inconvenience all that bake with Austin Bank in Kilgore.

After Damaging Property Who Knows What These Thieves Will Do Next

It could be the holidays approaching that are making these thieves desperate for cash or it could be a drug addiction. But everyone needs to stay aware of their surroundings this holiday season that way you don't become a victim to these thieves.

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