Kudos to Longview resident, Daniel Carmical. He is a UPS driver. And now, he is also a life-saving hero. 

The Longview Fire Department received a call after 8 p.m. in the evening on Monday, May 3. There was report of a fire at a Longview home at 106 W. Primrose Lane. They arrived on the scene with 3 fire engines, 2 ladder trucks, 1 ambulance and 4 support vehicles for a total of 21 personnel.

Photo courtesy of City of Longview, Longview Fire Department
Photo courtesy of City of Longview, Longview Fire Department

When they arrived, they saw fire emanating from the roof. They were able to access the attic where they found fire and thick smoke.

The Longview Fire Department's Facebook page reports that it appears the fire started in the wall of the laundry room from which it travelled up to the attic. There was one person in the home who was asleep.

Thankfully, Longview resident and UPS driver, Daniel Carmical saw the fire and responded by breaking down the door of the home. He then proceeded to rescue the sleeping occupant.

Once they arrived, the firefighters then proceeded to put out the fire. Heroes, all. And thanks to all of them, no injuries were reported.

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This is what showing love for your neighbor is all about. Imagine you're at the end of a busy day of making deliveries and you come upon a house on fire. Rather than continue on, you make the decision to put your life at risk for someone you've never met.

Even making the phone call for help is an act of love. But then putting yourself in harm's way to protect a fellow East Texan? That's over and above.

This courage and compassion is exactly the code by which the Longview Fire Department, and fire departments all around East Texas, live by every day.

We reached out to the UPS corporate office yesterday to get their thoughts on the heroic deed of their driver. And yes, the news had already reached them. Here's what they had to say:

"We’re proud of Dan and his efforts to help someone in the community. His quick thinking may have saved a life. Bravo Dan!”


Daniel Carmical, Photo courtesy of UPS Corporate Office
Daniel Carmical, Photo courtesy of UPS Corporate Office

Bravo indeed, Dan.

We are grateful for people like Dan, and all of our East Texas fire departments and first responders who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Thank you for protecting those in our communities. Thank you.

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