Friday, May 17, Jeff Callens Allstate and Santo Chiropractic came together to say "Thank you" to our local first responders. Set up in the Woodcreek Shopping Center, Rudy's BBQ and several vendors were ready to welcome our local police, fire and EMS personnel.

I was welcomed to come out and see what this first time event was all about. When I walked up, there were several police officers seated under a tent enjoying a pulled pork sandwich from Rudy's.

I was offered a sandwich myself, which I reluctantly accepted, and sat down to eat. As I was seated, several members of SWAT showed up along with some EMS folks. They all sat together and shot the breeze while enjoying their BBQ.

All in all, it was a great first year event to say "Thank you" to those who protect and serve us.

Check out some photos I took of the event while I was there.

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