Imagine you're out for a Sunday drive in your neighborhood when the unexpected catches you off-guard. I'm not talking about your neighbor's trash still sitting on the curb, or your other neighbor that still has their Christmas lights up in What if that something is a TIGER? Yep, like something straight out of National Geographic. For us, it seems like a joke. For a Houston family, it was very real.

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It happened around 8 p.m. on Mother's Day in a Houston neighborhood near the Memorial area. As the family drove through their neighborhood, they immediately pulled out their phones to record what they couldn't believe they were seeing - a tiger in the front yard of a home. While one person recorded, another called police.

According to KTRK, once police arrived, the tiger was gone. Imagine that? Now Shere Khan is roaming FREE?? That's when I get to the house, bring my pups inside, and watch from the windows. I wouldn't be one to "help" find it.

Maria Torres, the woman behind the video, could be heard saying, "It has a collar, it's somebody's pet."

Where are you keeping a tiger in affluent area of town -- where no one can see it?

According to KTRK, animal control was able to locate the tiger and help lead it into a home. Neighbors say that the family that currently lives in the home the big cat was led into has only lived there for a year or so, and mostly keeps to themselves.

"I did notice one time, and this is something interesting, that I was walking by my driveway. There was a capuchin monkey that showed up in the window," another neighbor told KTRK. "I figured, 'OK, this is a small animal. It could be domesticated.' But I never thought they would hold a tiger in their house."

Check out another angle of this encounter shared by KPRC.

I guess you never know who, or what, lives next door.


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