I’m convinced that it costs nearly $20 to leave the house, by the time you think about gas and whatever it is that you have to do, you’re going to have spent nearly $20 every time. It seems like gas prices are creeping up once again, and grocery shopping is now costing as much as a rent or mortgage payment for most families in Texas. Which is why I wanted to share 25 ideas to help you save money in 2023. 

I’m sure that you’re already doing or at least working on some of the things listed below, such as buying less. While it seems like an easy task, for many people it’s part of our routine to spend money, like stopping to grab a coffee on your way into work. We all would love to do it every day, but reducing the number of times per week you go can really stack up your savings quickly. 

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What About a Side Hustle to Make Some Extra Cash 

It seems like everyone has a side hustle, but if you’re going to spend your free time looking for extra ways to make cash be sure that it’s worth your time. The reason I say that is because I drove for Uber for a short period and found that some nights I could make around $25 per hour and other nights it was about $7 per hour. Know your worth! 

Let’s Look at Some Money Making Tips 

Seeing as how time is money, let’s jump into 25 ways that you can start saving money immediately.  

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