Country superstar Toby Keith has made no secret of his support for the U.S. Military. On September 8 at his show in Houston, he did something extra special for one military couple.

As he was leading into his song 'American Soldier,' Keith began talking about the military and families of those in the military. He asked the crowd if anyone had a family member in the army, and chose an unsuspecting military wife to come on stage. Little did she know that singing on stage with Toby Keith wouldn't be the highlight of her night.

The woman stood there wiping tears from her eyes as they sang together. As Toby finished the song, his guitarist began to lead into another song and the woman just stood there waiting to be told what to do. Toby stood behind her and grabbed a guitar from his stage hand, who in this case was the woman's husband Major Pete Cruz. He had been stationed in Afghanistan and hadn't seen his wife since deploying.

Keith backed out of the spotlight for a minute, and let the two stand there holding each other while sharing a kiss. I guarantee that even though they were surrounded by a superstar and tens of thousands of his fans, in that moment they were the only two people in the world.