Christmas is a time of year to spend with loved one and treasure the time we have with them. For army families, Christmas season can be difficult. Having any close family member being gone just has a way of putting a damper on the Christmas spirit. But sometimes, with just enough Christmas magic and hard work, Santa really can make Christmas miracles. For these families below, the gifts they received of having their loved ones come home is greater than any iPod or toy. Check out some videos we found of soldiers returning home for the holidays. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy, you're going to need them.

  • 1

    Little Kinsley Gets Her Christmas Wish

  • 2

    Mama Got Her Christmas Wish

  • 3

    Big Brother Comes Home

  • 4

    Santa Brought Me Daddy!

  • 5

    Wait..You're Not Santa!

  • 6

    Is It My Birthday?!

  • 7

    Merry Christmas Mom!

  • 8


  • 9

    Wake Up Daddy's Home

  • 10

    Some Wishes Really Do Come True

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