I got a call from my mom Tuesday afternoon telling me they found a box of unopened Burger King toys of mine while cleaning out their shed. I worked there as an assistant manager in the 90's. "Cool. I'll meet dad tomorrow after he gets off work and pick it up," I told her.

That box of Burger King toys may or may not be worth something. Most of them are still sealed in there bags. I need to do some searching and find out.

What they didn't tell me was a second box they found in their bedroom closet.

After I put the first box in my trunk, dad handed me the second box. "We thought you might like this," he said. I opened it and there is mine and my sister's old Nintendo Entertainment System with a few games.

I was like that kid that first opened it on Christmas morning. I thought they had sold it many, many years ago. No matter how old you get, your parents always know how to pull off huge surprises for their kids.

When I got home, of course the first thing I did was plug it in to see if it still worked. It turned on. Ok, good start. I put a game in. Nothing.

No big deal. This thing is 30 years old after all. I open it up and clean some connectors. Try it again. It works! For about ten minutes until the game freezes up.

Needless to say, I'll be working this weekend to get it up and going again. I may need to replace one important part but it's very inexpensive.

If I can get it going again, I'll get some video together of it.

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