Bubble wrap is so much fun. Wad it up and pop it in a ball, lay a sheet on the floor and step on it or pack stuff with it.

But where did it come from? Yes, this is a thought I had after lunch and decided to do some research.

Joey Green is the co-author of "The Bubble Wrap Book" (yes, there's an entire book on the on bubble wrap) which says that inventors Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to make textured wall paper back in 1957.

Fielding and Chavannes were attempting to develop a machine that would make plastic wallpaper by using two shower curtains. Instead, the machine kept spitting out the plastic full of air bubbles.

Instead of giving up, the inventors found a way to turn the bubbled sheets into the popping fun, er, way to pack and ship items we know today.

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