The trip from south Tyler to Interstate 20 continues to get shorter due to an increase in the speed limit along a section of Toll 49. Approved by the NETRMA board, the speed limit will be increasing from 70 mph to 75 mph on a stretch of Toll 49 from Interstate 20 to Highway 155. Along with the speed increase comes the implementation of a new minimum speed along the entire stretch of Toll 49 -- from I-20 to Hwy. 155 the minimum speed will be 65 mph and from Hwy 155 to Hwy 110 the new minimum speed will be 60 mph.

The new minimum speed was necessary because some drivers have become stuck behind slower moving vehicles on the toll road.

The new 75 mph speed limit will not go into effect until the new signs are created and installed, until then you must still travel the posted speed limit of 70 mph.

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