Welp, I hate to break it to you (and me) but it looks like the top reason we cannot move away from the United States is:

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There I was, sitting at my home office desk daydreaming. I want to run away from America and move to a country that has a MUCH warmer and tropical fall/winter climate (and that has more than our friendly Texas neighborhood options to find a [wealthy] husband).

I went to El Googly (Google) and typed in "Southern France" in the search bar. After scrolling through a few things, I discovered a town named Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes that boasts a place warm and toasty, as compared to our moderate East Texas temps.

"Aha," I thought to myself, "I'll move there!"

Something inside me, however, told me to check out how many coronavirus cases there currently are in the lovely and WARM Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, so back to the El Googly search I went.

Okayy, let me find a different spot in Europe or the UK so that I can whisk myself away from here and finally live out my current (and future) retirement dreams. How about...Switzerland?! Yes, I would LOVE to live out the rest of my life in the "neutral" country of the world!

"Dang," I wondered, "how many cases do we have so far in America?"

Cover your ears for this next bit of news: There have been 15.2 million cases of the coronavirus as of December 10th! Those are just the ones that have been documented!

The top other countries (there are 13 of them) that currently have over ONE MILLION coronavirus cases (in numerical order) are:

  1. India
  2. Brazil
  3. Russia
  4. France
  5. Italy
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Spain
  8. Argentina
  9. Columbia
  10. Germany
  11. Mexico
  12. Poland
  13. Iran

Seeing this drastic news caused me to take a deep dive search to find out where in the world I can possibly go that isn't being savaged by coronavirus cases at the moment. I found an online world map COVID tracker, and well, let's just say it shows the most depressing view of the world right now. It's even more depressing to me than my foggy weather blues!

Guess I'll be staying here in kinda warm and lonely East Texas for the next lifetime of days.

*Check out the current Smith County Covid Cases map here or take a look at an interactive world COVID map here.

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