Which Texas City is seeing such a huge migration of Gen-Xers here in the Lonestar State?

Well, we already know quite well by now that we're seeing a ton of new folks headed to Texas. At this point, that's likely understood by most. But, it's still rather interesting to learn which of Texas cities, in particular, are attracting the most people--and what demographic of people, as well.

No, it's not Austin or Dallas, Texas. Nope, it's not Houston, Texas, either.

We've already read about some of the cities that those who are close to retirement are considering. But what about Gen X? Which Texas City seems to be summoning them to their city limits?

A story shared by KXAN shares that "according to a 2023 study conducted by financial technology company SmartAsset," this is the #1 city in Texas Gen Xers are heading to right now...

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Well, before we get to that, we should clarify that, obviously, this study is based on 2022 data, since we're taking an entire year into account. OK. Glad that's clarified. ;)

Before I read the study, I just assumed it was likely Austin. Or Dallas. San Antonio, perhaps. But I was utterly surprised to hear that it was none of the major cities one might expect Gen Xers to move to, especially when coming here from another state.

SmartAsset's List of the Top 10 U.S. Cities Gen Xers are moving to includes...Wichita Falls, Texas, which sits at #8 on the list.

Wichita Falls?

Please don't take my surprise to mean I don't find Wichita Falls to be a delightful city, because I do. In fact, if I had to leave East Texas for some reason to move somewhere else in the state, it would definitely be on my list of considerations. I just didn't expect to see it on this nationwide list. Goes to show we have to keep our preconceived notions in check.

Interesting. If you'd like to see what other cities were listed, check it out here.

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