Texas is a big state, with a lot of fun-loving folks who love to get up to shenanigans.

It's true, and with everyone carrying a video camera in their pockets, we get treated with footage of said shenanigans at a pretty steady clip.

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Today we a have Texas-themed house, a young lady riding her horse home from school, and a Texas-sized shopping cart haulin' butt on a highway.

Flexin' for days

The caption on the video says it best.  This is the biggest flex.  Can you imagine jumping on a horse and riding away from your 5th-grade class?  See ya later, suckers, I'm officially the coolest kid at school now. Sorry, not sorry.

Phase 3: Belt buckle

Look at that big ol' cowboy boot and hat in Huntsville!   Does someone live in that boot?  I have so many questions.  Are those residential houses or shops?  If they are houses, are they related, or is this just the wildest coincidence in the world?  Just two neighbors who both dreamt of houses built to look like cowboy fashion wear.



Absolute unit

This man is determined to return his cart, am I right? Seriously though, how fast is that bad boy moving? I feel like you'd have to slow down close to a stop in order to turn that thing; it's so top-heavy.


Spotted in Texas
by u/SinjiOnO in AbsoluteUnits




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