I was on TikTok recently and saw all the wild and rave reviews that have been pouring in about Whataburger's latest menu item The Chili Cheese Burger. From what I've seen on the socials, folks LOVE it and while I haven't had one yet, I plan on getting one soon.

Here's What Folks On TikTok Had To Say...

But We Learned Something During A Twitter Exchange I Had With Whataburger's Twitter Account

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So of course everyone is raving about the burger but I began to see and hear rumblings on social media about a "menu hack" involving Whataburger's latest item. Someone said that you can now get CHILI CHEESE FRIES at Whataburger but you have to ask for it. Now not all "Whataburgers" are technically the same because maybe one particular store could be doing this and not all so I put on my investigative hat and decided to do some "journalism" and ask the tough questions.

Whataburger's Official Twitter Account Sent Out This Tweet...


While it seems like just a regular old tweet promoting their new menu item, I decided to use it as a window of opportunity to find out if this menu hack is really true.



I sat back and thought they wouldn't even respond but they in fact DID and here's the answer they gave.


Looks like a confirmation to me folks! Chili Cheese Fries is officially a MENU HACK at Whataburger! While its not "on the menu" I've been told that you can request chili and cheese to be added to your fries when you order. Need further confirmation, here's a TikTok video from Autumn Martin, a Whataburger employee, showing it off and confirming its delicious taste.


See Ya Soon Whataburger and Get Them Ready For Me...

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