It came as quite a shock to many people when the beloved restaurant Traditions decided to close their doors for good in Tyler, Texas. It took place in January after serving up holiday meals for many families in East Texas but the owners decided it was time to close. But after running a successful restaurant and catering business for 23 years they have a lot of equipment that they no longer need, which is why the restaurant equipment auction is coming up this weekend.  

The auction will be run by TMA Dallas and according to their details online things are going to move quickly for this auction. Here is the rundown of the details. 

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Auction preview from 1pm to 5pm on Friday, February 24th. 

Live auction will be Saturday, February 25th from 8am until 4pm. 

Auction pickup will take place Sunday February 26th and Monday, February 27th from 9am until 4pm. 

The final day for auction item pickup will be on Tuesday, February 28th from 9am until 1pm. 

All items not picked up by 1pm on Tuesday, February 28th will be forfeited without refund. 

Calling All East Texas Restaurant Owners or Managers 

This could be a great opportunity to pick up some equipment at great prices. Obviously, Traditions was a large restaurant so there will be lots of items going up for auction. Show up early so you don’t miss out on anything. It would also be a good idea to preview what is available on Friday so you have an idea on how much money you plan on spending.  

It’s tough to see a local business close their doors, but hopefully other businesses in the area can benefit from these items being sold at a discounted price.  

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