Always be careful when holiday shopping, right? It's almost as if someone wanted make sure the store would be closed on Black Friday... According to KLTV, two fires were deliberately set in a Walmart in Cedar Park, TX on Wednesday morning and the store would not be open in time for Black Friday.

Cedar Park Fire Marshal Randle Blesing told KLTV:

One was closer to the apparel and the other was on the other side in the vacuum cleaners section.

And one mom got the fire on camera because she said she's a mom who shows her kids everything. Jackie Sinclair told the news crew she was doing some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping until a Walmart employee told her something in passing.

Then she noticed the flames across the store, took a few seconds of video before realizing it'd be wise to vacate the building.

Officials say everyone made it out without injury and that they have interviewed the suspect in question with the intention of pressing charges.

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