Go ahead and write it in stone: Maddie and Kelsey Hallerman have pulled off the best wedding toast in the history of the universe.

These two sisters took the microphones in front of a huge crowd at their sister Caitlin Weaver's wedding last month in Lake Tahoe, Calif. And they delivered a wedding toast only legends can dream of.

They put together an incredible five-song medley that included their takes on "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman,"Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys, "Black or White" by Michael Jackson, and even gospel song "Oh Happy Day!"

Maddie and Kelsey's spins on the song included references and stories about Caitlin's meeting then-boyfriend John, all the way to their trip down the aisle.

The looks on John and Caitlin's faces are classic, and the two sisters don't need long to get the entire crowd into it. And they pulled it all off despite not really being able to practice much at all.

"About a week before the wedding we wrote the lyrics and compiled the music, but we didn't actually put the two together until the day before the wedding -- and even that was just a quick back and forth to make sure timing worked out," Kelsey told The Huffington Post. "Essentially, what you see in the video is the first time we actually, really DID IT. And yeah, we didn't hold back. Sorry, eardrums of America. What we lack in talent we make up for in enthusiasm."

Your next viral superstars, ladies and gentlemen.

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