Remember growing up and we couldn't wait to be an adult so we could do we want? Yeah, how's that working out now?

We realize now how stupid that thought process was.

Adulting sucks. And, I'll be honest, I'm a horrible adult. I mean, I'm 40 and still play video games about 10 hours a week.

I go to work and pay my bills and that's about my extent of good adulting.

So with the Tyler Public Library offering some "Adulting 101" classes, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, maybe I, and you, can become a little better at it.

Right now, they have two classes scheduled:

  • September 15 - Voting presented by the League of Women Voters
  • October 20 - Capitol One presents a literacy class about checking accounts

If these go well, they'll add more every third Saturday of each month.

Get more details at

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