Listen, gas prices are out of control. It's making it hard to get around Tyler, TX, let alone make it out of town. Yeah, road trips ain't happening. But we found one gas station here in Tyler that is doing something surely to be appreciated by patrons.

Mahi Food Mart, which is located at 4725 Troup HWY is pledging to have the lowest gas prices in Tyler every day between the hours of 6p-10p. I called the number that Hamza Shaikh left (and you can too), he answered after two rings and confirmed the news.

MAHI FOOD MART (903) 581-5601 We are a family owned gas station located at 4725 troup hwy tyler tx. We realized that the gas prices are going crazy these days so we run a special everyday to sell the cheapest gas in tyler between 6pm-10pm. Come fill up your tanks. We got the new pumps with the highest security and quality gas.

In fact, Shaikh let me know that there is a dry erase board at the store that will display the next days gas special, and he assured me that it will always be five cents lower than the lowest price in town.

I asked him how long they plan on running the special, and he seemed excited to keep it going as long as gas prices are so high. He did tell me though, that once prices drop closer to $2-$3 they'll look into discontinuing the special.

If you'd like to call them to find out how much gas is today, hit them up at (903) 581-5601. Gotta love a business that is doing something like this for their customers -- and you know it's going to come back ten-fold, right? Good deeds and marketing always do.

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