People who do things like this don't do it to have a radio DJ shout them out, they do it because their hearts are built of gold. They do it because they have a deep desire to serve their community. They do it because it's the right thing to do.

But sometimes the story of what someone does out of sheer kindness find its way to the rest of us and serves to remind us how important it is to help others. So we take their shining example of kindness and pass it along, hoping that it'll provide encouragement to someone else to lend a helping hand.

Today Callynth Finney shared a sweet story about in the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, & Recommendations Facebook group about a friend of hers who was in need of help.

It turns out that her 72-year-old friend, who is homeless and suffers from congestive heart failure, was having trouble figuring out how to take his life-saving medication -- so he stopped by Rose City Pharmacy where owner, Sonny Kresdorn went above and beyond for this man.

According to Finnery, Krezdorn "went out of his way to teach him what he needed to do. He bought him a pill dispenser tray, helped him fill it accordingly, and explained to him how to use it. He was so patient and kind and then slipped him $20 to get himself a nice dinner tonight. I will never go anywhere else from now on."

Callynth Finney
Callynth Finney

Just a little reminder to all of us this holiday season, and throughout the year, that sometimes just a few minutes of your time can completely change another person's life. Like Kristen Michelle Laningham posted in the comments "It’s kindness like this that gives me hope."

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