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The U.S. Air Force was been found to be partially liable in the Sutherland Springs church massacre last July by U. S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez and now the U.S. Air Force is learning that they must pay more than $230 million in damages.

The District Judge ruled last year that the Air Force was '60% liable' for the attack after failing to submit gunman Devin Kelly's assault conviction during his time in the Air Force into a national database. Doing so would have prevented him from legally purchasing a firearm.

The gunman, Devin Kelly, killed more than two dozen people at the central Texas church before fleeing the scene in his vehicle and being chased down by two men who heard the shooting at the church. Kelly ended up taking his own life after being shot by one of the men with a shotgun. Before the attack at the church, he had served in the Air Force where he was court-martialed after pleading guilty to multiple assaults and domestic violence charges along with threats of violence toward superior officers and bringing guns onto a military base.

Lawyers for the survivors and victim families were seeking a settlement of $418 million with the government. The U.S. Justice Department proposed a $31.8 million settlement. It was announced Monday that the U.S. Air Force would be paying out $230 million.

The case has approximately 80 claimants, including the relatives of those killed, and 21 survivors and their families. Authorities list the official death count at 26 because one victim was pregnant at the time. This church shooting remains the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

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