If you're from East Texas or have lived here for a while, chances are you've heard of a little town called 'Uncertain.' Have you ever been?

Uncertain, Texas (population 94) lies at the end of a small road on Caddo Lake near the Texas-Louisiana border. How did the town get its name? Well, that remains uncertain.

Filmakers Anna Sandilands and Ewan McNicol spent months self-funding and filming their documentary, 'Uncertain,' which follows three men in Uncertain and their journeys through life while the town faces a crisis on Caddo Lake.

'Uncertain' is a southern gothic tale set on the Texas/Louisiana border in a town called Uncertain, population 94. The town sits on the edge of a vast, swampy lake that is being choked to death by an aquatic weed, upsetting the natural balance and the town’s only source of livelihood. As the town struggles to survive, three men each battle their demons. Wayne, an ex-convict who becomes obsessed with killing Mr. Ed, a gigantic boar he hunts as part of his quest to stay sober. Zach, a young diabetic with big ideas but few prospects, is struggling with alcohol and fighting the cycle of poverty for a bigger life. Henry, an aging fisherman reluctantly letting go of his youthful ways, reflecting on a long life, and making peace with one fateful moment thirty years ago.

Within their stories lies humor in the peculiarities and absurdities of life (including a UFO abduction), and the rhythms of a small American town so tucked away “you’ve got to be lost to find it."

The movie premiered at the renowned Tribeca Film Festival in April and is still being shown at film festivals around the world. Newsweek has already named 'Uncertain' as one of the best documentaries of 2015.

According to the movie's Facebook page, the creators are hoping for distribution at other theaters and through physical copies later this year. They are also planning a showing in Uncertain as a fundraiser for the community and Caddo Lake.

'Uncertain' Trailer

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